More good news! Mountain Bike Halifax stickers have arrived!

Now you can show your support for mountain bike trail development in HRM by sticking one of these on your car, bike, helmet or wherever you see most beneficial for spreading the word.

How do you score this sweet swag, you ask? Simply visit where you can select a youth, individual or family membership. Once signed up, you’ll receive both a round logo as well as a rectangular frame sticker to show your support for trails in HRM.

Already a paid member? Thank you. You’ll be receiving your stickers within the next couple of weeks.

This is one more item in a string of good news we’ve been able to share recently (including $10,000 in recent funding) – but it is in no way the last. We are very much looking forward to announcing further developments in the days and weeks ahead. Stay tuned – and in the meantime get your membership and get stickin’!

Big thanks to Tim Foster for his work designing the logo (among his many other contributions to MBH).